This project turned out to be smoother than I expected. I've encountered no major problem and learnt quite a lot. Coilgun is something I've been wanting to built or a really long time, this one I've made is pretty harmless and it is fairly difficult to make it powerful. That's why I've been holding off from building this, I want to get to a point where I fully understand how to engineer this before beginning. This project heavily relates to what I'v learnt in one fo my college classes(PHYS4B) which is Physics:Electricity and Magnetism. The story of how the class went is another interesting story for perhaps another day, point here is a huge amount of knowledge needed to engineer this properly came from that class. The rest of the project require knowledge about mechanical design and C programming which I'm already fairly experienced with, and after a few months of planning, this project finally solidified! I'm definitely going to make a 2nd version to this, but for now, this is good enough. I'm also going to use this to participate in Instructables contest, hopefully I can win some prize to get out of college poverty.