Floating Charging Pad

From January to March of 2018, I worked as an Intern at a 3D Printing Startup in my area. I was offered the opportunity to use the 3D Printers for some of my personal projects. I have always love futuristic designs. I don't care much about aesthetics when I was just starting out but now, I admit to liking good looking projects. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone mainly because I want better camera quality for my videos. It has a Integrated Wireless Charging circuit for seamless charging process. (But in the video I use my friend's Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition because I'm filming on the S6).I decided to just buy a wireless charging coil because there it's a lot of work to design your own circuit and coil. After that, I designed the model and split it into 3 pieces which I was barely able to print in a single day.After assembling everything, I decided that I didn't like the 4 LED shining upwards and prefer the led to shine underneath for an even more futuristic look. And there you go, my final design!