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The problem with the Internet Of Things right now is that people aren't willing to invest the effort into making the massive and difficult modification to their own rooms and houses. But using Smart Switch will solve all of that, using a servo to physically push the button upon receiving instructions from an app, automatic power outlet switches uses relay as a switch which is basically similar to this except it uses a magnetic field to push a switch and is encapsulated in a proper chasis. This project was made in my Intro to Engineering classes (The very first college class I took) and we were allowed to make anything we want. My classmates made a wide-range of things, from gasoline powered mario kart to VR stress reliever. I have to say it is a fairly disorganized class in terms of the course but it is really fun and helpful. I wish I had taken this class after some more serious courses so that I feel more grateful to take part in it. We went outdoors and presented out projects on campus which was another fun event. And that's about it. I already built this project a year ago but didn't like the quality of the video I uploaded so I unlisted it and put this new one up. I also took part in Keysight IoT Challenge using this project but ultimately did not make it.