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Smart Flower Pot is a futuristic pot and a great piece of art to bring pleasant feelings to our modern life. It contains an ESP8266 module that sends a notification to me if the soil is dried up and displays the moisture level using 5 LEDs, which looks really cool. The whole pot was print out in a single print job which is really convenient. As for the plant, I brought it online. I was curious as to how the plant would be shipped and when it arrived it is covered up in wrapping papper and the plant is planted in a plastic flower pot with the soil carefully covered. I don't have a small shovel so I used my kitchen spoon to transfer it over to the pot. I found that there wasn't enough soil to reach the moisture sensor and I should have made it closer to the bottom. I have to patch it up with more soil to make sure it reaches my electrodes. But once I have it completed, it is certainly a beautiful piece of art.