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This project was started 5 months before I posted it, the reason on why it took so long is I changed the design after experiencing some problem with my hexagon design. It is unfortunate as the hexagon design looks really cool. It could have worked if I have a large enough 3D Printer and I don't have to slice the project into pieces. But anyways, I sticked to a cube version. I used acrylic sheets as the chasis and 3D Printed parts to piece them together. As for the electronics, it utilizes an Arduino microcontroller and several other modules. One mistake I made is that I use a transistor that isn't powerful enough to control the heating element and as a result, destroyed it. So I switched over to a relay, but that means I'll only get analog control over the fan and not the heating element. Another problem is that I didn't paint the acrylic properly on my first try. I was ready to create a new batch of them but decided not to do it on the last minute as it is quite expensive. It's beautiful and awesome isn't it?