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Are you tired of going outside to water and maintain your vegetable? Do you wish to have your backyard greenery stay healthy with just the push of a button? Today we'll make a remote-controlled robot that is designed to make your life easier. This is extremely useful in places where underground sprinkler are not installed or impossible to install. Places like really large corporate or university campuses could use some robot help. For this project, I didn't use my self-made AVR board and instead opted for a really old arduino board I made years ago. It still works perfectly and hence, I use it as the brain. The structure is mainly composed of wood, cardboard and 3D printed parts that keep them all together. I use a bluetooth module as a remote link and I also created a desktop app with Python to control this robot. Finally, I use an old smartphone as an IP Camera. I dislike IP Camera because of their limitation of video quality and range, I wish to switch it over to RF. But anyways, after I finished building it I have some fun by driving it out to the dining hall where my housemates were having dinner and scare them with my water spitting creation.