Tan Run En Home(3D) Home(2D) Circuit Lab About Me

In an effort to 'futurize' my room, I came up with a project that give my table a towering look. I saw very beautiful looking LED towers as decoration in several YouTuber's videos. Then I decided, instead of LEDs for decoration, why not add some functionality to it. A channel I love is SmarterEveryDay, when he shoots his videos in his room, he has a very unique looking tic-tac-toe clock on his background.This is where I came up with the idea of the Clock Tower. The way it works is the left tower represents the hour hand, each LED represents 1 hour, while the right tower represents 5 minute, each LED represent an increment of 5 minutes.The brain of this project is a Arduino Mega which I've extracted from my previous Advanced Home Automation Project. Building this project, took me 2 weeks, some acrylics, paint, a lot of wires, LEDs, some coding and a lot of coffee. But the bright glow it added to my workspace is so worth it!